Inherit or Hustle – Know Yourself.

We are concerned about nonsense and we are proud! This is shameful. Less of life. Less of art. The concept of life is tensioned by not understanding other people’s perceptions and ideas.

The truth is, our own perception about life and how it should be lived becomes less of life when your way -a way- needs to be adhered to by each and every living soul or another person at least. This comes as no unfamiliar token, to feel less of yourself because of fearing what the other person might feel. We accommodate a lot of nonsense and we are complacent to this detrimental element. Oh, we try to make this better. We segregate people in groups, we pick and choose who’s successful by the size of their shoe, we are concerned about what is not right than what is right, we “we” a lot that “I” is forgotten. I am an individual, I see my fellow brothers and sisters as successful – they are on a quest of their own destiny unapologetically. Can we ever say Amen! Let me be me for who I am, for what my life leads me to, for my likes and dislikes?

I hate weaves and make-up. It makes no sense to me. for someone to try and look less of themselves – perfect example of conformation to popular belief. Any different look to what is popular is seen as less beautiful. We are still addressing confusion of perception and ideas. Hating weaves should not be of anyone’s concern but my own! See someone would have read the former with a bitter taste engulfed by emotions deeming this for hypocrisy. This is not a slanderous attack. Evoking the very same feeling you get when another gets when told that their way isn’t the way. For all I know, having a weave on makes you feel great. For all I know, I don’t understand. Girl flourish! I do not know how you feel, what you think or what your interest in life is. I have no business in your destiny. Dream is destiny. Denying you the dream is denying you your life. Let’s allow you to be you for who you are as well!

But I do know that it’s high time we start to learn how to love ourselves. Learning how to love yourself will make you a better person for yourself and everyone else. Really know yourself because your woes are a burden to another person. You are disturbing our peace because you are not at peace with yourself. Once you know yourself you will love yourself for who you are – True Beauty.

“... I’ve came to believe that in this world, you either Inherit or Hustle. Inherit the fruits of your labour or hussle to get the fruits you so need for life. That nothing is ever just. Whatever you feed the mind , repels to the body and soul. However you use your body affects the mind and soul. The soul is you, the Conscious of these elements. Learning to love these elements , is loving yourself, is knowing thy self...”


Fibre blending – Fibre Art.

Fibre wants to blend with other fibres. Fibre, alone, is not as strong as a conglomerate of various textured fibre. Natural fibres are good comfort material but lack the strengths of synthetic fibres and vice versa. The results of carefully combining different material to produce contemporary art installations is exciting! Beautiful.

Inspired by this phenomena, can we also say we need blending of fibres. Complementary qualities of love. Love of thy self to create beautiful art – to be beautiful?

Phenomenal Love: The Miscommunication (pt1)

“I love you”- do we ever understand these words? Given that each and every single person experiences life perceptually and understanding of their realities are formed on the basis of these experiences, what allows two people to understand the depths of love itself? Although we tend to fail dismally in comprehending what love is, we aren’t all that hopeless, the feeling of what love feels like is universal.

Put a photographer and a painter on a landscape scene, both will capture the this scene differently. Both installations captured are beautiful in each artist’s respect.

To this I attest that love is beautiful and each love given from each individual is beautiful. Understanding the beauty of each other’s love is what we strive for.

Love is: the attraction of parallel realities desiring to exist as one – Textured léSela.

Textured léSela

Everything you see dares to be felt. It is with an individual to fulfill that yearning desire. Colour, form, lines and composition are a few elements that arouse beauty in the eye’s of the beholder. They are not the only elements – happiness and love, sadness and agony are other intangible elements which inspire ones choice of beauty. We want beauty. This accommodates our natural senses and makes up our reality. Life is a canvas and how big or exciting it is or it should be lies with you. Textured léSela