“I love you”- do we ever understand these words? Given that each and every single person experiences life perceptually and understanding of their realities are formed on the basis of these experiences, what allows two people to understand the depths of love itself? Although we tend to fail dismally in comprehending what love is, we aren’t all that hopeless, the feeling of what love feels like is universal.

Put a photographer and a painter on a landscape scene, both will capture the this scene differently. Both installations captured are beautiful in each artist’s respect.

To this I attest that love is beautiful and each love given from each individual is beautiful. Understanding the beauty of each other’s love is what we strive for.

Love is: the attraction of parallel realities desiring to exist as one – Textured léSela.


2 thoughts on “Phenomenal Love: The Miscommunication (pt1)

    1. Thank you : )

      Hey, maybe you could help me with something here. I just started this WordPress account a few days ago. I’m actually an artist studying textile design. This WordPress account needs to somehow transcend my artist statements for my work as a visual artist. Now, I’d like your idea as to what you think about this. If you are on Instagram feel free to sort of see how I’m trying to get to this correlation?

      Thanks again!

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