A bicycle has one sit

A bike has one comfortable sit for the paddler. The person riding the bike is in charge of the destination. How fast I whine my feet on the paddles and the route I choose is all independently up to me. The route’s humps-and-bumps are obsticles that I need to overcome. But this ride is not only faced with everlasting wither but fruits that blossom; people that are about their daily lives; and the soothing cool weather that compels your journey in a twine of memory and wisdom met as an experience. This trip – filled with its events – is quite a Phenomenon: an experience known through senses rather than intuition or reason. This experience can only be known uniquely by the person experiencing this.

I believe that this experience relates massively to life. “Look closely to nature and you will understand how life works”-Einstein. Everything in nature is unique in its shape, look, smell, function of life but the twist here is that even though they are unique in their respect, they are closely related. And relation is what brings us close. It’s our inception to understanding how something works and most importantly communication.


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