Still paddling his bike; his mind gets populated by ideas. So he sits down for a moment to quench an agonising thirst…

“Communication is our ultimate tool. It is what we use to share emotions, ideas and desires. The contrast here is that we have so many different kinds of languages and within each of our eleven languages there are different dialects. So many languages and having to communicate direct instructions or sharing those ideas, emotions and desires could be disasterous. Yho! We can see this in our cultures withing our communities. Especially one social aspect being : Ubuntu- humanity. This being one of the big things that should be really bringing Africans together. But my people this understanding of this humanitarian act is not understood the same. How we perceive this idea of Africanism got lost between Genisis and our Mandela notes in our pockets. Religion and Economy. I wouldn’t want to begin this inquest by stirring conspiracy ideas but I would like to underline this plainly from a topic of communication and further extend the ideal: “Not knowing is expensive. Know yourself” .


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