Sibling’s Fued

GA re ma twins/ We are not Twins, 2020, photographed by Odirile Khune Motsiri

This usually happens around festive seasons when the ceo’s of the household give never-ending tasks which sometime feels like a never ending duty. You know, the constant calling of your name as opposed to your brother or sister, or the biased chores you are given and even the never ending tea you need to make for your grandmother becomes an undenying pain in the buttocks!

Im confident to say this is a situation that most people of colour have went through at some point of their childhood and I captured some scenery of these events from my visual diary to canvas exploring figures of African children in traditional attire collaged with salvaged denim to emphasis on the biased nature of these kind of scenes which bring squabbles among siblings.

Although light at the end of the tunnel might seem to come when it’s time for opening those Christmas gifts and unwrapping Christmas clothes meant for Sunday church services, fued prevails when you find out that you and your sibling/s got the same clothes and or one received a better gift than the other…

Wena, where’s yours, 2020, photographed by Odirile Khune Motsiri